Completely devoted to the success of her clients

“In our first meeting, I told Erica that I just wanted to be on the map. My restaurant had been open for years and we had virtually no press at all. People just hadn’t heard of us and didn’t know we existed. I desperately longed to be included in press round-ups, dining lists, local articles – anything. Well, Erica blew my initial goal out of the water. Within a year, Tapalaya received two feature-length reviews from top restaurant critics, was on national TV, was included in The Oregonian’s Top 100 restaurant list and was in countless articles in numerous food publications – and that was just the beginning.  Our presence and prominence in the Portland food scene spiked tremendously and Tapalaya became one of those restaurants with lines out the door.  Based on the positive impact on our bottom line and our newly-created reputation, I immediately learned about the power of PR. Erica is an absolute pleasure to work with. She truly cares about her clients and is completely devoted to their success. I couldn’t give Erica a more heartfelt recommendation.” 

~Chantal Angot, Former Owner of Tapalaya, Current Business Broker specializing in the sales and acquisition of restaurants and bars in the Portland area.