Amazingly professional, beyond organized and creative

“Erica was one of the first people in media/public relations I met when I moved to Seattle 16 years ago, when she worked for the legendary Seattle public relations man Jay Rockey. What struck me about her right away, despite her burgeoning niche in commercial real estate public relations, was her knowledge of so many different facets of the Puget Sound region. Many public relations specialists can’t see beyond their piece of the puzzle and how it fits into the bigger picture, but Erica is the exception. She has a 360-degree approach to her work, and can zero in on the “why this matters” relevancy, not only for the media, but for her clients, who especially need to understand why various audiences should pay attention to their work.

Her diverse body of work speaks to her agility: in the late 90s she was in charge of throwing one of the city’s most memorable store openings—the downtown Old Navy flagship. It was an epic and impressive party that Seattle hadn’t seen at the time and hasn’t seen much of since, featuring decade-appropriate blue martinis and appearances from pop culture icons/store spokespersons, Donna Summer and Morgan Fairchild. The party was long before social media was part of a media professional’s daily toolkit, but Twitter and Facebook would have been on fire that day.

We’ve become great friends over the years and we share a passion for the local media scene. I remain impressed with her on-going drive and commitment: she now manages her own successful PR company. Erica continues to thrive in her commercial real estate niche and she remarkably managed to get her clients in the news even during the bleakest years of the recession.

And, of special interest to me as editor of a consumer city lifestyle magazine and media properties, she has added food to her client portfolio and has become one of my go-to sources for the Portland restaurant and events scene. Erica is amazingly professional, beyond organized and creative—I can only imagine what she’ll be cooking up next!”

-- Rachel Hart, Editorial Director, Tiger Oak Publications. Seattle Magazine //
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