A whip-smart creative thinker with an encyclopedic memory

“Passion, experience, expertise. What do these three things have in common? Erica Perez. I've been impressed by Erica's public relations savvy since my very first interaction with her. I was working as the editor of a food and drink magazine, and Erica contacted me about her client, a graphic designer and letterpress artist. While I was accustomed to getting pitches about restaurants and food products, I was surprised to get a pitch about an artist. But in typical Erica fashion, she was thinking outside the box: Her client's portfolio included kitchen-related art -- why not pitch a food magazine? Turns out, it was a perfect fit. Erica's instincts are always spot-on. She's a whip-smart creative thinker with an encyclopedic memory for faces, names and even bylines. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to hire her to promote any project.”

-- Danielle Centoni, Food Editor, Food Writer & Former Editor of MIX,
Portland's Food + Drink Magazine